We are Under CTRL! We are a team that’s dedicated to making games that are accessible for all experience levels and enjoyable for all who play. We are based in Melbourne, Australia. We will also be attending PAXAus 2019!

Get The Fog Out

You’ve crashed landed on a hostile alien planet, your only goal… GET THE FOG OUT.

Get The Fog Out is an isometric game that takes inspiration from genres such as RTS and base builders. You, the player, runs into some misfortune on your space travels and crash landed on a foreign planet surrounded by a thick, ominous fog. With help from Nexy, your ship’s emergency Nexus Drone, you fight your way through the fog… that you soon discover isn’t as docile as you first thought.


  • A full tutorial to help those who aren’t familiar with the style of game
  • An option to skip the tutorial for more experienced players
  • Gathering minerals to build new structures while maintaining the power needed to operate these structures
  • Buildings with upgrade paths to match different play styles
  • Abilities to help combat the fog that can be found through exploration
  • Dynamic music that matches your progress
  • Varying difficulty levels to suit all types of players